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Ahmeti accepts the invitation for dialog with Gruevski

6.3.2007 | Author/Source PressCut

The meeting of the heads of the Democratic Union for Integration and the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization–Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity, Ahmeti and Gruevski, should take place during this week, in the presence of international representatives. At the meeting there will be talks about the DUI's demands, among which are the pensions for fighters of ONA, and a list of laws on which the Badinter rule should be applied.

Gruevski will ask for a consensus of all the parties, and will also reveal his demands among which is the demand that the DUI support all laws on which is depending the Euro Atlantic future of Macedonia. As far as the opposition is concerned, the attitude of the Alliance of Democratic Forces in Macedonia towards ONA’s demands is unclear.
(A1, Vecer, Utrinski vesnik)

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