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Central Europe on the fast track

17.12.2014 11:15:00 | Limun.hr

“CE is on the fast track – a development we have been observing over the last couple of quarters. The growth in the region is mainly backed by domestic demand and hence shielded from the current developments in the euro area and Russia,”more

Bosnia and Herzegovina

ArcelorMittal Prijedor celebrates a decade of success

Over EUR35m have since been invested in the business, which had been defunct since the conflicts of the 1990s. ArcelorMittal Prijedor now employs over 850 people ...more


Slight retail trade growth confi rmed (HRK and rates neutral)

Slight real retail growth rate (+0.3% yoy) according to WDA data was realised while at the same time a decline by 0.3% yoy in nominal terms was seen ...more


Croatia: Real GDP in Q3 shrank by 0.5% yoy

The Croatian Bureau of Statistics released the quarterly GDP data for Q3 2014 confirming the first results. Therefore, by stagnating on a quarterly level, the annual figure reported a decline for ...more


EFSE financing will support Macedonian small farmers and micro entrepreneurs in rural parts of the country

The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) continues to expand its network of partner lending institutions by signing its first loan agreement with Macedonian microfinance organisation Horizonti ...more


EFSE supports Alter Modus in financing micro entrepreneurs in Montenegro

The European Fund for Southeast Europe reaffirmed the partnership with Podgorica-based Alter Modus with a EUR 5 million senior loan aimed at supporting micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in ...more


EBRD discusses non-performing loan resolution in Serbia

At a high-profile event in Serbia’s capital Belgrade today, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) discussed the ...more


Slovenia's Dec economic sentiment index stays flat m/m

Slovenia's seasonally-adjusted economic sentiment index was unchanged on the month in December, the country's statistics office said on Friday ...more

Other countries

EFSE supports MSMEs in rural Azerbaijan through new partnership with MuganBank

The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) and MuganBank OJSC (MuganBank) are partnering to support the development of micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in the rural regions of Azerbaijan ...more