Croatia Famelab winner 2011  - Iva Pritišanac

Croatia Famelab winner 2011 Iva Pritišanac is molecular biology student from Zagreb (Faculty of Science). She won by presenting Natural Born Killers. I
She loves biology, more specifically, its molecular level.

Natalija Dunić was second by the jury vote and Slavko Radilović finished third. Iva Pritišanac was also first by the audience vote.

What is it?
FameLab is an international talent competition to find the best new talent in science communication.

The competitors were given only 3 minutes to inspire and excite public imagination by giving an entertaining and original talk to a panel of expert judges. The talk should be entertaining and original, scientifically accurate, but also engaging to a non-scientific audience.

FameLab in Croatia is run by the British Council and the Festival of Science, in co-operation with a number of Croatian institutions, supported by the Croatian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and sponsored by Raiffeisen Consulting.

All finalists will be awarded a weekend masterclass and other prizes.

The Croatian FameLab winner will travel to the United Kingdom, visit Cheltenham Science Festival and participate in the FameLab International in June 2011.

The criteria we seek in entrants are content, clarity, charisma.

The content must be scientifically accurate. Where there is controversy or uncertainty among researchers, the presentation should include something of this context, and the topic should also be well chosen for the audience.

Clarity in communicating the idea or topic is also essential. However simple or ambitious the subject matter, the audience should be left with a good grasp of it. The key question is: after hearing the presentation, could they explain the content to someone else?

But as well as learning something, the audience should be inspired, so FameLab is also looking for that hard-to-describe but unmistakable quality: charisma  The winner will be the one who makes science exciting, fascinating, who shares not just the subject but their passion for it.

There are going to be up to four members of jury who will judge competitors and decide who will go to the next round. They will include a respected scientist or engineer, a television or radio presenter or producer and a live science presenter.

The finals were held in Zagreb on Friday, 6 May 2011.